College Government

The Governing Body

The Governing Body delegates all administrative business to Council, except:

  • certain personnel matters (e.g. removal of students from college)
  • special financial matters (e.g. payment of fellows, college offices, staff)
  • principles of admission to college
  • power to alter The Ordinances

The Council

At Council affairs as diverse as insurance, wiring, part-time study, college open days, silver audit, archiving software, alumni fund-raising, Freshers' Parents Garden Party, and Tripos performance are discussed. Then either a vote is passed or the subject referred to committees or College Offices.

Governing Body, Council and standing committees deal with two kinds of matters: unreserved and reserved business. Junior members are only eligible to attend meetings or parts of such, at which unreserved business is discussed.

  • Unreserved business varies greatly. Examples are: tutorial questions, college buildings and properties, donations and benefactions, students' affairs, college representation and development, permission to use the Hall.
  • Reserved business entails personnel matters regarding the Master, Fellows and college staff, disciplinary matters and certain financial affairs such as the award of scholarships.

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September 6, 2004