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Regulations and Open Meetings

SSCSU is the Students' Union of Sidney and comprises both the JCR and the MCR (the Junior and Middle Combination Rooms). Following the Education Act of 1994, the Governing Body initiated a constitution for SSCSU, which was formally approved in 1995. In addition, SSCSUs affairs are regulated by Standing Orders.

Every junior member in statu pupillari (students) is a member of SSCSU and entitled to vote as well as to stand for offices.

The SSCSU Constitution

The Consitution defines the union, the basic composition of the SSCSU Executive committee, electoral procedures, SSCSU finances and the conduct fo Open Meetings. Changes to the Constitution must comply to the Education Act and require both a referendum of all SSCSU members and approval by Council.
Read the Constitution online.

The SSCSU Standing Orders

The Standing Orders describe all offices currently held at the SSCSU Executive Committee as well as the SSCSU subcommittees, and the procedures by which candidates are elected to them. They also outline the conduct of Open Meetings. Changes to the Standing Orders can be approved by a two-thirds majority of an Open Meeting, and are made fairly regularly to ensure that they continue to define the expectations of each officer.
Read the Standing Orders online

The Open Meeting

Open Meetings are the principal point of interaction between the Executive Committee and the members of SSCSU. They can be attended by all SSCSU members, who are entitled to vote on motions brought to the meetings. Motions have to be submitted to the Executive Committee as described in the Standing Orders. For each Open Meeting minutes are produced which have to be approved by the next Open Meeting.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is required by the Constitution to contain several posts:

  • SSCSU President (jointly the president of SSCSU and the JCR)
  • Junior Treasurer (also acts as the JCR treasurer)
  • MCR President
  • MCR Treasurer
  • Junior Members of the Governing Body and College Council (without voting rights)

Other posts are defined in the Standing Orders, and can therefore be modified with a two-thirds majority vote of an Open Meeting):

  • Social Welfare Officer
  • Academic Welfare Officer
  • External Officer
  • Green Officer
  • Sponsorship and Development Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Bar Secretary
  • Bar representatives
  • Entertainments Officer
  • Entertainments Representative
  • Magazine Editor


The SSCSU is the Students' Union of Sidney and comprises both the JCR and the MCR. All SSCSU officers of the Executive Committee represent all students, graduate and undergraduate, on the issues defined in the Standing Orders - graduates are therefore entitled to their representation, to vote in their elections and (in some cases) to stand for the posts. This is in addition to the dedicated MCR officers, who represent only graduates.

SSCSU and the JCR are often perceived as being the same thing. This is partly because many SSCSU offices are also JCR offices (President and Treasurer, for example), and are therefore generally filled by undergraduates. No effort is made to separate the JCR and SSCSU - there is, for example, a JCR website and an MCR website, but no SSCSU website - which partly reflects the composition of the college when the Constitution was drafted in 1995. This should not act as a deterrent to graduate involvement in SSCSU, however - in many ways this is advantageous for graduates, as the events and representation provided principally by and for undergraduates are available to graduates in addition to those provided exclusively for graduates by the MCR.

More information on the offices of the MCR (and their current incumbents) can be found on the MCR Committee page.

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