MCR Social Committee

The Social Officers are primarily responsible for organising events for graduates. These include graduate formal dinners at Sidney, held fortnightly during termtime, and formal hall exchanges with other colleges. They are also on the front line for Freshers Week and help organise the MCR Garden Party (usually in June).

Jieyi Kang

Lay Ping Ong

Nathan Jay


Roles: Organising Swaps and Social Activities in College Personal Email Address:


Hi everyone! I am Jieyi, your social officer. My main role is to arrange formal swaps with other colleges so you can break out of the Sidney bubble and get to know people across the university. As a social officer I am part of a team responsible for organising social events for the MCR and I hope to make your Cambridge experience a wild ride through time and space.


I am currently in the second year of my PhD in Land Economy, researching consumption pattern of residential electricity by data mining. In my spare time I walk, read, watch movies and think about how much time I am wasting. Feel free to drop me an email ( with any questions you have about swaps or any general information about the college!


Nathan is a CDT student studying Graphene and related materials for novel technological applications. He's currently researching the use of Graphene-membranes for ionic transport in microfluidic-devices designed for interfacing with neurons. As social officer Nathan hopes to organise MCR-events that cater to as many people as possible as well as new and exciting formals to serve as highlights of the term to come. If you have a social event in mind for the MCR, get in touch with Nathan and he can make it happen!


MCR Movie Officer(s)

The Movie Officer(s) hold movie nights in the common room every Sunday evening during term,
to ensure a good range of features.

Ollie Jones


GYM Officer

The gym officers are responsible for giving gym inductions and representing the MCR at gym committee meetings.

Simon Larmour

Arjun Sharath


Simon is a PhD criminology student with a forensic psychology background researching cognitive and affective influences on delinquent behaviour. As gym officer, Simon's first role includes liaising with college staff on gym issues such as: repairs to the gym equipment, ordering new gym equipment, & mediating any gym related problems. The second major role the gym officer is required to do is induct any new Sidney Sussex gym member. Before you can use the gym at Sidney Sussex, the college requires you to go through an induction; this is where Simon comes in... All throughout Freshers, Simon will be conducting gym induction for anyone who wishes to use the gym during their stay at Cambridge. A few basic pointers to start off with: the Sidney Gym is only for College members, you need a clean pair of trainers every time you enter the gym, & you will need to exchange your room key for a gym key from the porters lodge every time. Gym is on college site and everyone is super friendly!

Arjun is a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and International Studies, researching history in the late 19th and early 20th century. He was also previously the External Officer in the Sidney MCR. As one of the current gym officers, Arjun is responsible for working with college staff to address issues with, and hopefully improve, the Sidney gym. The gym officers also coordinate inductions to the gym during Freshers' week for new members of the college. Arjun also aims to run other semi-regular events, such as climbing or squash, in which members of the MCR can have fun and try out other activities. The gym is on the main college site, and all college members are welcome!

First-Year Representative

The First-Year (or Freshers) Representative provides a voice for new students in Sidney MCR.
They also help organising social activities within the College and MCR.

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