MCR Treasurer - Melanie Jans-Singh

Mel is a civil engineering PhD student, former Green officer, and she spends a lot of time in the allotment.
Not surprising given her PhD is in Urban Farming and she is a fan of outdoor activities!


Treasurer for the MCR this year, she aims to spend all the budget for the MCR in a variety of ways: keep on the tradition of formals and swaps, but also encourage other activities such as trips away, gin/whiskey tasting nights, and refurbishing the MCR common space. Look forward to a year of glamour and glitz, followed by long bike rides and trips to the beach!


The role of the treasurer is to manage the MCR bank accounts: (1) the general fund, (2) the social fund, and (3) the MCR college account for day to day transactions between the college and its members.


The General Fund comprises a triennial contribution from college which is used for the upkeep of the MCR complex. This includes the TV/audio/gaming equipment, keeping the kitchen stocked, magazine subscriptions, allotment expenses and welfare supplies. It is also used to pay the subscription fees to CUSU and the GU.


The Social Fund includes the discretionary annual contributions from individual MCR members, as well as the MCR subscription paid to us by the college. This fund is essential for funding all of the graduate social events such as the regular Graduate guest nights and movie nights, as well as the events organised during Freshers' Week and May Week at the start and end of each year.


The MCR college account allows us to charge the college bills of individual MCR members for events such as the Graduate guest nights, as well as for other individual items such as the MCR hoodies. It provides a convenient mechanism for handling regular payments to college and for the collection of sums from individuals, and operates on a credit/debit basis based on the expenditure of the previous term as a working surplus that is essential for the smooth running of the MCR. Every year the balance is settled at the end of Lent term, or on a more regular basis if necessary.


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