MCR Welfare Officer

Jenifer looks after welfare issues for the MCR with a special focus on Women's welfare (click here for welfare information). She also represents women inside college and to the Women's Union.

Jenifer Varzaly

Jenifer Varzaly

Jenifer is completing her PhD in Law and hopes to help make your time at Sidney socially inclusive and otherwise wonderful. She views welfare as all about providing opportunities for us to connect with each other and building a supportive community at Sidney. In this way each of us will have many people to turn to for a coffee, chocolate and/or ice cream, particularly in times of stress- academic or otherwise.


Jenifer co-hosts Inspirations & Chill, a weekly event featuring a TED talk and inspiring quotes over snacks in the MCR. And in any case, Jenifer is always more than happy to catch up for a chat!


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