The Freshers' Guide

College Bar

The bar is run by the JCR (Junior Combination Room) and has the distinction of being the only 100% student-run bar in the University. It is open 7 nights a week, from 8pm to 11pm Monday to Thursday, 8pm to 11.30pm Friday and Saturday, and 8pm to 10.30pm on Sundays during Full Term. The bar provides discounted drinks and boasts among its extensive facilities a darts board, table soccer and a pool table. Guests must be signed in at the bar by a member of College. See the bar's own website for news and the price list.

College Bops

These are appallingly kitsch but excellent fun (if you have drunk enough) dance events held in the bar every second Friday during term time. For a nominal fee (around 2) you can gain entry to an extremely cheesy themed dance event - a must for fancy dress enthusiasts. For those of you seeking a slightly more serious dance experience, try bops at other colleges, notably Darwin and Caius.

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