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Cambridge is one of the most picturesque towns in England, and one of the best ways to see it is by bike! Add to that the fact that many departments and much college accommodation are outside town, and a bicycle seems an even more attractive proposition! Bikes are also essential for those who are considering rowing as it makes the early mornings less painful (if only a little). Many villages are also an easy ride away, such as Grantchester, and much of the countryside around Cambridge is flat.

While there are over 25 places to buy bikes within a short walk from town, Sidney students have had success with bikes bought from:

  • Ben Hayward Cycles - 69 Trumpington Street
  • Mikes Bikes - 28 Mill Road
  • University Cycles - 9 Victoria Avenue

As a rough guide, a basic bike package should cost around £110. Make sure that you get mud-guards and lights, and a basket can also be helpful (and so Cambridge) - try and convince the shop to throw them in. Buying in a group has also proved persuasive to reduce prices. Also ask about post-sales support - many shops provide one free service.

Watch out for the one way streets (these are shown on the cycling map) and make sure you have lights for night-riding, as the police can be quite vigilant.

For quick repairs the Bike Man in Market Square and King Street Cycles have good reputations.

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