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University Centre

The University Centre was conceived from the Bridges Report, which was commissioned in 1965 to look at the provision of facilities to graduate students. It was built using a £330,000 grant from the Wolfson Foundation in 1967. This centre, known to most people as the GradPad, provides a wide range of facilities to the University community. Last year the Centre welcomed 350,000 visitors, making it one of the most visited buildings in the University.

Membership of the University Centre is provided free of charge to all current University employees, graduate students and alumni. Spouses of members are also eligible for membership. Other people can gain membership either through different organisations, such as Colleges, or by paying an annual subscription. Within the University Centre there are various eating establishments. The Riverside Restaurant is one of Cambridge's best restaurants, offering food presented to the highest standards. There is also a Main Dining Hall offering an informal self-service cafeteria serving an extensive range of dishes, but when it comes to relaxation, Grads cafe is the ideal place for breakfast or a snack. With its comfortable and laid-back setting, and a range of baguettes and pastries to have with your espresso or capuccino, this is an ideal place to spend those rare quiet moments.

In addition, the GradPad offers other facilities such as a Business Club allowing people from the local business community to meet up and share ideas, make deals or just to relax. There is also the Compaq Room, a cybercafe found just beside Grads cafe, a reading room, TV room and games room.

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