The Freshers' Guide


Sidney Sussex Chapel stands at the heart of College and is open all day. The chapel is of Church of England denomination and has by requirement of the college statutes an Anglican chaplain. However, the Chapel is open to everyone regardless of their beliefs for a wide variety of purposes, from quiet reflection or prayer (for which times are set aside) to substantially less quiet musical activities.

The current chaplain, Revd. Paul Brice, assumed the post in September 2012. The chaplain is available to everyone as a member of the pastoral team, regardless of faith, in addition to his religious role. He can often be contacted in his college room, Y1, or at other times by email.

For Christians, there is also a College Christian Union that meets each Wednesday evening for prayer, worship, bible study and fellowship. Elsewhere in the University, there are many religion-related student societies. As well as the college chapels, Cambridge is well served by places of worship for many religions, including services in non-English languages and traditions.

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