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Apart from the two college newspapers, SidNews (containing sports, societies, news and student union reports) and El Sid (a satirical, occasionally termly paper), there are also two main University-wide newspapers. Varsity and The Cambridge Student (TCS) are delivered free to every college once a week, read by 15,000 students and alumni. Varsity is the the oldest colour student newspaper in the country, running for more than half a century. Its editors have gone on to become big names in the media world (and some not so big) such as Michael Winner, the film director and journalist, Jeremy Paxman, the Newsnight presenter, and the late Richard Whiteley, presenter of Channel 4's Countdown (the resident mathematician of which, Carol Vorderman, studied Engineering at Sidney). When Prince Charles was at the University, even he managed to get an article published so it's well worth trying to get involved.

The Cambridge Student was set up in 1999, by the Cambridge University Student Union to provide an alternative to Varsity. It was intended to provide informative student union information and a different political outlook to Varsity. However, under different Editorships the two papers standing on political issues have shifted over time.

Sidney Sussex is playing an increasingly active role in the two papers (though particularly Varsity) and has provided Editors, Section Editors and even Online Editors in recent years. Both papers are surprisingly inclusive and if you wish to write for them, they are easy to approach. To write an article, you will find the e-mail addresses and meeting times of the particular sections in the paper. You can turn up to their weekly meetings in the offices (both of which are found at 11-12 Trumpington Street) to offer yourself as a writer, photographer, cartoonist, production assistant or page setter. Both papers strive as much to be a society as they do to be a professional production and they therefore place a large emphasis on encouraging as many students as possible to write.

There are also some more specialist student and local publications you might want to get involved with, and which have also had strong Sidney involvement. Graduates' Own, or GOWN, is a magazine created in Michaelmas 2004 (published online and in print) for graduates. BlueSci, also founded in Michaelmas 2004 and available both online and in print, is a science magazine for Cambridge. The magazine has an inclusive, "popular" approach, and invites contributions from those researching in scientific subjects.

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