The Freshers' Guide


Image (facing Porters' Lodge)When you arrive at Sidney Sussex you must sign in at the Porters' Lodge, located at the front entrance of College on Sidney Street. The Porters will provide you with your room key and necessary door codes. Part bouncer, part custodian and part policeman, the Porters are an essential part of college life and, with their extensive knowledge of college and everyone within it, are essential contacts to make at Sidney Sussex and are able to answer most questions – if in doubt, ask a Porter!

Led by Head Porter Colin Maxted, there are about half a dozen Porters, and at least one Porter is on duty at college 24 hours a day. Among other things, Porters supervise the distribution of mail and the behaviour of students within College on behalf of the Master and the Dean. At the Porters' Lodge one can also sign up for formal halls, book the squash courts and ergos and collect the key for the college gym and music room.

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