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The MCR website is the responsibility of the MCR Computer Officer. It is hoped that it in most cases it will be easy to use, but if you have any difficulty the information linked below should help.

Hank Liao redesigned the website in September 2004, and since then its content and design has been in continuous development, largely by Simon Hopkins up to 2008, and successive Webmasters since. Our intention is to make the website a convenient and comprehensive information source for members of the MCR, as well as a medium for interaction between Committee and students.

Problems and feedback

If you encounter a technical problem with the website, please let us know (identifying your web browser) by e-mailing:

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If you have any suggestions to improve the website, we would also be delighted to receive them.

If you have a question about, or a problem using, a section of the website that isn't due to an obvious fault, there are several specific e-mail addresses which you should use to ensure that your question is directed to the right person.

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