MCR Committee and Other Contacts

Like the blacksmith moulds the horseshoe, so the MCR Committee moulds the bonds between College and its grad community. The President and Treasurer are both elected at the end of Lent term each year and they then co-opt the rest of the committee.

The 2020-21 Committee

We are currently transitioning to a new website. Please click here to find the new committee page.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Committee if you have questions, problems or comments.

The roles of each MCR position are defined by the SSCSU Standing Orders
SSCSU is governed by a constitution which can also be read here SSCSU Constitution
Information about college government and representation is available online.
You can also read the minutes of MCR Committee meetings. (requires Raven authentication).

College contacts

Contact details for fellows and staff of the college are available on the College website.

Mailing lists

If you would like to contact all members of the Sidney Sussex MCR, a moderated mailing list is available. Please read the mailing list rules before sending an e-mail.