MCR Computing

How to check your e-mail

Your Hermes e-mail can be accessed in a variety of ways:

  • Webmail - You can read and send e-mails, and change settings for your e-mail account, online at This is probably the easiest system to use, especially when outside Cambridge. View more details from the Computing Service.
  • POP, IMAP and SMTP - You can also configure any e-mail client to provide access to your e-mail account. You should always use a secure connection, as this protects your Hermes password (and also seems to give an improved success rate for accessing the SMTP server from outside You can find the required settings, and step-by-step instructions on entering them in a variety of e-mail programs, on the mail program settings page provided by the Computing Service.
Computing information last modified by SP on 13 October 2009