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MCR Mailing Lists

The MCR mailing lists are moderated, so your message may or may not be sent to the list, at the discretion of the MCR Computer Officer. If you would like to discuss your message in advance, please e-mail:


The purpose of moderating the lists is to minimise the number of e-mails sent to the lists and to eliminate inappropriate e-mails whilst ensuring that information of interest to the list members still reaches them. To help with this, several rules are imposed, which you are encouraged to consider being sending a message.

  • Check your message carefully before sending, as messages can sometimes be approved very quickly. List members find it very irritating to receive corrections and further details, especially if they were not interested in the initial e-mail. Take particular care with dates and times - it is very common for days and dates not to match up, which causes considerable confusion. It is also not guaranteed that the message will be approved or read on the day when it is sent, so do not use words like today or tomorrow, and send your message in good time (preferably at least a day in advance).
  • Please send only plain text e-mails. Some recipients use e-mail clients which cannot display HTML e-mails; Rich Text and proprietary formats from Microsoft and Apple are less widely compatible. These formats also increase the size of e-mails without conveying additional information.
  • Please do not send any large attachments. If you must send an attachment, please keep its size to a minimum and use a format which can be viewed with commonly-available viewers on all operating systems unless it must be editable - consider converting Word documents to PDF files. Ideally you should place your file on some webspace and just include a link to it in the e-mail.
  • If you have several messages to send, please combine them into a single message.
  • If you are forwarding a message your have received from elsewhere, please be sure to remove the forwarding history and any headers in the body of the e-mail.
  • If your e-mail includes questions to the moderators, do not send it to the list address - send it to the MCR Computer Officer directly.
  • Messages may be edited and/or combined into bulletins to reduce the number of e-mails sent to the list. If this happens, the message sender will be the list moderator rather than the mail originator. However, the original sender will always be identifed. If you have a strong preference for your e-mail being sent unedited, please explain your reasons by e-mail to the Computer Officer before sending the list e-mail.
  • Messages from outside the university will not normally be sent to the list unless it is very clear that they are of interest to members of the MCR. Commercial messages will never be sent.

The main MCR mailing list is:

sid-students-grads@lists. (add the university domain)

The mailing list sid-mcr is to be discontinued; for a transitional period, messages sent to that list will be redirected to the address above. Please update your records. The mailing list sid-students-research is not currently in use - if you have a message that you think should be sent only to research students, please contact the MCR Computer Officer for advice.

MCR mailing lists only contain graduate members of the college - if you have a message which should also be sent to undergraduates, you should additionally send it to one of the undergraduate mailing lists, which are moderated by the JCR Computer Officer.

Computing information last modified by SP on 13 October 2009