The Freshers' Guide


Welcome to Sidney! Please use the links on the left to navigate this part of the website. The latest guide, compiled by the MCR Committee can be accessed here.

This guide has been written by MCR students past and present for new graduate students, although potential applicants and current students will also find it useful. It provides fundamental information on many aspects of college life and we have provided contact details and links wherever possible. It should also help you find your way around Cambridge (with info on shopping, eating out, entertainment, etc).

There is a great deal to do in the MCR, the college and the university – far too much for this guide to be exhaustive. For further info, see:

If you are about to join Sidney as a new graduate student, please also see the webpage for new students, which includes information about what to bring, how to get here and what to do in your first week.

We wish you a happy and successful time in Cambridge!


The content of this guide has been provided by past and present members of the MCR Committee. The guide was revamped by S.Hopkins in summer 2004, and he and others regularly revised the information up until 2008, with the updates by C. Crowe in 2010, W. Menz in 2012, and Tony Harris in 2015. Please contact the current Computer Officer concerning any errors, omissions, comments or requests. If you have any questions that this guide fails to answer feel free to contact any member of the MCR Committee.

Freshers' Guide last modified: 19 September 2019
This section last modified: 19 September 2019