The Freshers' Guide

In addition to the information below, please visit the health and welfare section of the College website. You may also wish to visit the CUSU Welfare pages.


Doctors and dentists

All students of the College are required to register with a local doctor and inform the Graduate Tutor's Secretary of their doctor's contact details. You should receive information from the College, including a list of suitable doctors. The NHS provides an online database of local doctors, with contact details, opening hours and location maps - the surgeries nearest to College are listed here.

Although not strictly required, you are strongly advised to register with dentist. There is a university dental service, which is the easiest place to be registered as an NHS patient. This is located on Trumpington Street, near Lensfield Road; click here to view a map, which is large, to contain both College (top right) and the dental service (bottom left), so keep scrolling down. It is recommended that you make appointments well in advance - if you are here out of term time, it is likely to be less busy. The dental service also provides emergency treatment to patients who have registered with them.

Sidney Sussex has a nurse, who you may find it convenient to speak to rather than making an appointment with a doctor. Her surgery hours are 08:30-11:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 13:00-15:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She can be found on P floor of Garden Court.


The nearest pharmacies (chemists) are Superdrug and Boots - see the Shopping page. For more details see the NHS website; the pharmacies nearest to Sidney are listed here.


The main hospital in Cambridge is Addenbrookes, in the south of the city (map). For most students this would be quite a long walk; it is, however, easily accessible by bus.



The MCR committee includes a Women's and Welfare officer, who is happy to help with any questions or concerns. She has provided a wide variety of links and contact details for other welfare organisations here. The Graduate Tutor and the Pastoral Dean are also available to you, along with the rest of the pastoral and tutorial team, if you wish to discuss any concerns. At postgraduate level, the majority of academic concerns should be addressed in departments.

Students with Children

Support for students with children is provided by several organisations in the university. The first places to look for information are:

The University Childcare Office and the Childcare Information Adviser can provide advice and information about nurseries, accommodation, financial assistance and all child-related matters. The Family Society is a student-run organisation to provide support on the same issues as the Childcare Office, as well as performing a representative and campaigning role.


There is specific representation for women at MCR, SSCSU, CUSU and GU level.

Other Specific Interests

The Graduate Union information pages provide information for the support of other groups, and links to other university bodies of interest.

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