Sidney Sussex College MCR

Committee members

We are the current Sidney Sussex MCR committee for 2023-24. We not only organise a lot of social and welfare events for you but also sit in on college committees and the SU and are your contact people for anything you’d like to raise with them. 

Please get in touch with any of us if you have any questions or concerns. We also have some unoccupied committee roles so also get in touch if you are interested in joining us!

The Sidney Sussex MCR is governed by a constitution which can be read here: Sidney Sussex MCR Constitution.

You can find more information about what we do on the Sidney Sussex Website.

Shathar Mahmood - President

A 5th year medical student with a crippling fear of free time and a constant urge to fix things - makes for a good president one would hope? My name is Shathar and I'll be your president for the year ahead. I sit on most college committees to represent postgraduate students and overlook the mcr officers to ensure that we are supporting students through events and resources. I have been here for long enough to know how things work and run so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions (or want to talk developmental biology, surgery, art)!

Ujjal Sunuwar - Vice President

a failing medical student, a YouTuber who doesn’t post videos, a “would’ve-been-professional-footballer-if-I-didn’t-get-injured” and now Sidney MCR VP. I’m Uj (he/him) and I’ll be in charge of making sure Shathar doesn’t get too stressed by helping with a lot of the committee members in various roles. I’ll also be organising a few MCR events throughout the year so look out for those! Feel free to message me if you have any questions, funny pictures of puppies or you’d just like someone to talk to:)

Joshu Majima - Treasurer

Hi! I’m Joshu, a second-year PhD student in the Law Faculty and the Treasurer for this year. I’ll be involved in all things related to the MCR budget. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions!

Clara Chen - Social Officer

Hey, I’m Clara, a fourth year medic at Sidney, and I’ll be your MCR Ents Officer! I can’t wait to organise some fun and exciting events throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled! Hope you’re all looking forward to the best formals, bops, garden parties, and more… 🤩

- Social Officer

Connor Hiza - Welfare Officer

I’m a 5th year Architecture student and the MCR Welfare Officer. Throughout the year we’ll be running welfare events grad students at Sidney can relax, including film nights, trips to museums and galleries as well as tea and cake afternoons. I’m also always free to chat to if you need some help, navigating support resources in Cambridge or just someone to listen to you, so please reach out if you need any help.

Will Cohen - Green Officer

Zoe Hemsley -Social Media Officer

Adrian Goldwaser - Computer Officer

I am a third year PhD student in the Engineering Department, working on machine learning, specifically on neural networks. As well as social officer, I'm also computer officer and in charge of maintaining this website and the graduate mailing list. Let me know if either of these break for you!

Woojian Yang - Gym Officer

- Freshers' Rep

Connor Hiza - LGBTQ+ Officer

Hi, my name is Connor (he/him), a 5th year Architecture Student. As well as your Welfare Officer, I am your LGBT+ officer for the upcoming year. I will arrange various events throughout the year for the community as well as being a friendly face around for support and guidance. If you ever need any guidance or to talk to someone, I’d be more than happy to, so please do get in touch! It is my goal to ensure that all feel welcome at Sidney and create an inclusive environment for our community.

- Women and Non-binary Officer

Jaiyeola Olaleye - BME Officer

Hello, My name is Jaiyeola, I will be the BME officer for this term and I am looking forward to meeting everyone. There are a lot of exciting events planned this year that should be interactive and fun. I was at Sidney Sussex last year completing my PGCE secondary: Design and technology, this year I am completing my Masters in education: Transforming practices. My research will be based on enhancing Educational Practices for Autistic Children in Early Years Settings. Welcome to Sidney Sussex and I am sure you will feel comfortable as it is a very friendly college.

Tony Harris - Deputy IT Officer

Mature PhD Student, Anglo Saxon Norse and Celtic Department (ASNaC). Tony has successfully defended his PhD on early medieval chronology and is waiting to graduate. He is a self confessed 'rowing nut' and National Rowing Umpire and in the first year of his PhD he coached Sidney Sussex Men's First Eight. Before coming to Cambridge, Tony was at Oxford where he read English (when not rowing) also as a mature student and following that an MA in Medieval Studies is from the University of Reading. Prior to moving to the 'dark side' of medievalism, Tony was a computer scientist for more years than he cares to remember. If you need authenticating to the website for events bookings and/or the MCR mailing list then contact us via the general address and we will do our best to help.