President’s Welcome Address

Dear all,

Congratulations on being accepted to study at Cambridge and even greater congratulations on receiving a place at Sidney! Upon your arrival, you will become a member of the Sidney Sussex College Middle Combination Room (MCR) –the name given to the graduate community in college. The Sidney MCR is largely regarded as one of the most lively, interactive and friendly graduate communities within Cambridge and we very much look forward to welcoming you within our ranks.

My name is Vaithish Velazhahan, the President of the MCR committee this year. The MCR committee is a group of fellow Sidney students who help organise and run numerous social and welfare events throughout the year for the College’s graduate community, whilst also running the MCR on a day-to-day basis and acting as a conduit between the graduate students and the college/university.

For most of you, your time spent as a postgraduate student will be centred around your department and research groups. However, being part of a college provides a parallel community, something unique and special to Cambridge. So, whether you are here for a year or the long haul, we hope you will get stuck in with graduate life here at Sidney and embrace everything on offer!

To kick off your time here in Sidney and help all new grads get used to the city, college and university, we are kicking off with Freshers’ Week, which will commence on Friday 2nd October–a packed week with a huge variety of events.

There are subject suppers, pub crawls, comedy shows, city tours and much more to look forward to. You are encouraged to attend as many events as possible, as this offers one of the best opportunities to meet new and old Sidneys and help you settle into your new home here in Cambridge. The final Freshers’ week timetable will be published on the MCR website and Facebook group in late September.

If you have any questions about Sidney or Cambridge, do not hesitate to contact a member of the MCR committee. You can do this via the Facebook group or via our email addresses found on the MCR website.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please “like” the Facebook page, the Instagram page and join the MCR Facebook group –search for “Sidney Sussex MCR”. I look forward to meeting you all soon and to the fantastic year ahead!

Best wishes,

Vaithish Velazhahan

MCR President 2021