Sidney Sussex College MCR

Punt Pass

Our Sidney Sussex Punt pass with Scudamores has expired on the 24th of August 2020. Given the current COVID situation, Scudamores has decided not to renew any licenses till the beginning of 2022.  For the time being, we will not be able to book punting trips through the joint MCR/JCR pass. However, we are allowed to show our student ID to get a discount on the normal booking of self hire punts through Scudamores.

The Scudamores concession rates are as follows:
1. 1.5 hours – £36.50 per boat
2. 3 hours – £67.50 per boat
3. All-day – £84.50 per boat

Alternatively, for self hire punting in the college backs, you can try Cambridge chauffer punts which charges a price of £20 per hour (including student discount).

Details will be updated here upon renewal of the punt pass.

The Bridge of Sighs!! (as seen from a Punt)